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BWL - Blue Whale Logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd


We take care of Freight consolidation, Loading and Unloading (cross docking), Warehousing, Adjustable Lease space for short and long term storage. Our warehousing facilities provide more than 75 thousand square feet of warehouse space in various places in Chennai.

Our facilities are with Perfect roofing with ceiling height of 35 feet, fire extinguishers, Complete security, ample water facility and over 10 truck loading/unloading Ramps. Located within Chennai, a high volume transportation center in the country makes your distributions quite simpler and more efficient.

We use perfectly skilled Men and perfect Machines to make sure your goods are handled with utmost care than they require. To keep your stocks perfectly stocked so that you save the rent from unnecessary space occupation. Stocks are checked on daily basis and safety of your goods is ensured by routine checks.

The rates are much economical when compared with other leading warehousing companies in India.

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